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Wythe Hotel Wedding, Brooklyn, NY for Jolie and Ryan

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

When I first met Ryan and Jolie I was impressed by their music knowledge. They also had cool stories. Ryan used to work in the music business. We met at a coffee shop in Brooklyn and had a great time chatting. Then we jumped on a call two weeks before their day. When I saw them on their wedding day I knew it was going to be great, and it was. Read on to get the scoop on this amazing Wythe Hotel wedding...

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

Wythe Hotel Wedding

Brooklyn, NY for Jolie and Ryan

by DJ Ben Boylan


The Wythe Hotel is a cool hotel located in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. It has a few different places to get married within it, including the roof. Ryan and Jolie chose the Garden Terrace which is like a really nice restaurant on the ground level.

The Garden Terrace has an inside portion and an outside one. The outside portion is shaped like an L or a P. It has two sides, both covered by retracting roofs. Since this was a smaller group, everything took place in the outside portion. It was drizzling a bit when I started setting up, but by the time guests arrived it stopped. So they opened the roof over the ceremony.

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

Ceremony & Cocktail Hour

For the ceremony and cocktail hour, Jolie and Ryan used an amazing string quartet. They are called Sterling Strings. They were doing covers of songs by Kanye, Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, etc.. I was really impressed. If you are looking for a really cool string quartet for your ceremony or cocktail hour, check them out.

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn


Dinner started off with me introducing Jolie and Ryan into the room. Their guests went crazy. Next we had two rounds of speeches. The first was from parents and the second from friends. I had my wireless mic set up on a mic stand across from where the couple was seated. Everyone did a good job and sounded great.

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

Dance Set

We kicked off the dancing portion of this Wythe Hotel wedding with the first dance. Jolie and Ryan danced to "You Send Me" by Sam Cooke, a real classic. Then everyone hit the dance floor. They asked for a mix of 80's, R&B, and hip-hop. I love those genres so that made it easy. Once their guests started dancing they wouldn't stop until the last song.

One funny thing that happened was people kept wandering in off the street! The Garden Terrace is on the ground level and one of the doors was slightly cracked open to the street. The Wythe Hotel is in a pretty trendy part of Brooklyn and we had the roof open. People would hear the music, look inside, and then come in and start dancing. Everyone wanted to join the party and I kept throwing them out! Ha!

Ben was great to work with! His communication was clear and timely, he was accommodating to our music requests, and made sure our friends (and us!) had a good time! I had provided playlists for dinner and dancing so that he'd know the vibe we wanted, and he took the inspiration and made the whole night a hit! All our friends complimented us on what an amazing DJ we had! Thank you, Ben. We look forward to recommending you to our engaged friends :)
- Jolie

Thank You Jolie and Ryan for letting me be a part of your

Wythe Hotel wedding!

I had the pleasure of working with the following vendors:

Venue: Tori Thomas of The Wythe Hotel

Event Planner: Brit Pooler of Polka Dot Events

Photographer: Katherine Marchand of Wilde Scout

Videographer: Jenica Heintzelman of Moonstone Studio

String Quartet: Sterling Strings

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

wythe hotel wedding brooklyn

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