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  • Do you play cheesy wedding songs?
    No. Not unless you ask for them.
  • Do you bring a sound system / PA?
    Yes. I provide a sound system for up to 3 areas. For your reception I will have a large system for up to 175 to 200 people. For your ceremony and cocktail hour I have two smaller systems. Your guests will hear your music, ceremony, speeches, and announcements clearly.
  • How many hours are included?
    There is no time limit. I will DJ and provide sound for your entire event at your venue. That includes your ceremony, cocktail hour, reception and afterparty. There is no overtime fee or extra charge as long as everything is at one venue.
  • What if you've never DJed at our venue before?
    I have DJed at hundreds of venues. Each year I DJ at a dozen venues for the first time. I still make sure I get a 5 star review from those couples by doing the following things: 1. I speak with your contact at the venue and ask any questions I have 2. I arrive 3 hours before guests (rather than 2) 3. I often make a site visit before the wedding I have never had a problem at a wedding because of inexperience at the venue. Other DJs have told me the same thing. This isn't an issue. Please feel free to ask me any questions about this.
  • Once we decide to hire you, what are our next steps?"
    1. I will send you an e-sign contract. 2. Please sign it and send me a $200 deposit. 3. Dance all night and have the time of your life.
  • How do we get our music choices to you?
    I have a worksheet (a google doc) that I will send you. You put them there.
  • Will you act as an MC during our wedding?
    Yes. I will do your introductions and make all necessary announcements in a natural voice.
  • Will you travel to DJ our wedding and is there an extra cost?
    Yes and yes. The first hour of driving from NYC is free. Each additional hour is $250. Also, I have DJed weddings in California, Texas, and Minnesota. Contact me today to price out your destination wedding.
  • What kind of music do you like?
    I have been a music nerd my whole life. I DJed in NYC clubs for 12 years. I did my first wedding over 10 years ago. I like a lot of different kinds of music. The kind of music I like to play at weddings is the kind that makes you and your guests dance. My happiest working moments are when people react to a song by screaming or putting their hands up. Together we will come up with a plan to pack your dance floor.
  • Can we come to see you perform at a wedding?
    No, sorry. I would be afraid to bother my couple whose wedding it is. I have videos of weddings I have DJed on YouTube and Instagram. I have recordings of myself mixing live on Mixcloud.
  • Can you do the music at our ceremony, too?"
    Yes. I do at most weddings I DJ. I provide music and microphones. There is no time limit. I will DJ your entire event, and provide sound, from start to finish.
  • Do you take song requests at weddings?
    Sure, but it's really up to you. My default policy is to take any song requests that match your style. And to only take requests for songs you and your guests know. Some couples tell me to take all requests. This works ok depending on the group. Some couples tell me not to take any requests. This can work depending on the group. But sometimes it frustrates guests. And it can lead to them interrupting you during the dance set.
  • How will you get people to dance?
    I will get your guests to dance by playing songs that they know and like. I identify what songs they know by their age. I Identify what songs they like from 15 year's experience DJing for crowds. But all of this is within the guidelines of what musical genres you like. I keep them on the dance floor by beat-mixing. Each song blends into the next seamlessly. The music doesn't stop. Your guests will keep dancing all night. I don't "hype up the crowd" by saying things like "hands up" or "everybody scream." I let the music work.
  • Do you provide lights and a photobooth?
    Yes, for an additional charge. Click on "PRICE" at the top of this page. I provide a lighting package with 9 uplights. They warm up your room. They make your photos look better. During dancing we can turn them to flashing party lights. I provide a digital photobooth. It takes photos, gifs, and boomerangs. It texts and emails them to your phone. I provide a border on the photos with your name, date, and hashtag. After the wedding I will email you a copy of all photos your guests take.
  • What if you can't be at my event because of sickness, a car accident, alien abduction, etc.?"
    If I had to cancel, I would give you a list of three DJs to choose from. If you decided to choose one, they would DJ your wedding on the same terms as we had agreed on. Same price. I would provide them with all the information you provided me. You wouldn't have to provide it again. If you decided not to choose one of them, and to pick a different DJ, I would return your deposit and wish you the best of luck.
  • What is your announcing style?
    I do all announcements in a natural voice. I do introductions with enthusiasm, but not in a sportscaster voice. Announcements serve two purposes. To get your guests to do something, or to direct their attention to something. I don't tell jokes or stories. My announcing style is minimal and professional. I let the music shine.
  • What time will you arrive?
    I will arrive a minimum of two hours before guest arrival.
  • Do you play clean versions of music?
    Yes, always
  • What do you wear?
    I wear a suit and tie. Nothing flashy.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes. If your venue requires it, or asks for a "C.O.I." I can email it to them at any time.
  • Do you have back-up equipment?
    Yes I do. If something were to malfunction or break, I would have a back-up with me so the wedding could continue.
  • Do you charge for set-up and break-down?
    No. Set-up and break-down are free.
  • Will you provide me with a list of what songs you will play at our wedding?
    Sorry, I don't. I improvise based on the songs you provide me and what songs you and your guests respond to. "Ben was a joy to work with from beginning to end... expertly reading the crowd and weaving together a seamless two hours of dancing." Adina - Brooklyn
  • Will you be the DJ at our wedding?
    Yes, although I do work with other DJs if I am already booked on your date.
  • How long does a wedding processional take?
    One to three minutes. A long processional with a wedding party, flower children, etc takes three minutes. One person walking down the aisle takes about 30 seconds in a normal wedding venue. One song is enough for both processionals although you can certianly choose one for each.


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