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Threes Brewing Greenpoint Wedding, Brooklyn NY

Threes Brewing Greenpoint Wedding

Brooklyn NY for Victoria & Jamie

By DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by Alyssa Arre

Threes Brewing in Greenpoint, otherwise known as Threes @ Franklin + Kent, is one of my favorite venues for a small wedding. It has two areas for guests and can fit about 100 people for cocktails and a passed food.

When you walk in, you enter the bar area. Right around the corner to your right is a nice room for a small wedding. I have DJed there several times . Some of my couples have done their ceremony in that room. During cocktail hour, guests move to the bar area, and they set up cocktail tables in the main room around the dance floor. Other couples have had their ceremony offsite and just used Threes for their reception.

Threes Brewing Greenpoint is also in a really cool Brooklyn neighborhood (Greenpoint obviously) near other great restaurants, bars, and funky shops. I recommend this venue to couples all the time.

Photo by Alyssa Arre

Victoria and Jamie had their ceremony in the main room. I provided a mic for their officiant and played music as they walked in and out. They kind of did their toasts during the ceremony. Their friends and family spoke during that time rather than during dinner and everybody loved it. I played soft jazz as they walked in and "You Are the Best Thing" by Roy LaMontagne for the recessional.

After the ceremony, guests moved to the bar area for drinks and small bites. There wasn't a seated dinner. Instead there was a charcuterie platter and other plates of food. Shortly after they asked me to put a mic on a stand and invite guests to say a few words. And after a few did, we got into the dancing.

Photo by Alyssa Arre

Victoria and Jamie had asked to start out with indie music and disco. After we had filled the dance floor, we transitioned to pop/top 40, and ended the night with EDM and hip-hop. It was an international group with many guests from the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, so the dance music was a big hit.

Guests danced until the very last song. It was really fun. When the party ended, Threes switched the music to an iPod and opened the bar to the public. Many of the guests from the wedding stayed and were still there as I wheeled my stuff out. A great wedding!

Thank You Victoria and Jamie for letting me be a part of your

Threes Brewing Greenpoint Wedding!

For anyone who would like to talk about what it's like to have a wedding at Threes Brewing Greenpoint (aka Threes @ Franklin + Kent), please get in touch!

Photo by Liz Clayman

Photo by Liz Clayman

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