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"I provided Ben playlists for dinner and dancing so that he'd know the vibe we wanted, and he took the inspiration and made the whole night a hit!"

-Jolie, Brooklyn

brooklyn wedding dj
  • brooklyn wedding dj

My couples love Spotify!

  • Check out over 100 playlists in different genres

  • Get inspiration for your dance music

  • Make your own Spotify playlists and share them with me

brooklyn wedding dj
  • brooklyn wedding dj

This might be hard to believe, but my online mixes have received over 10 million hits! I can hardly believe it myself…

  • Hear live examples of me blending songs together 

  • Many different genres

  • Some of the mixes had over 3 million hits on YouTube

brooklyn wedding dj

Your Dance Party

  • Choose as many songs as you like.

  • And a do-not-play list.

  • I’ll guide you in curating the perfect playlist

  • Use my Spotify playlists and live mixes as inspiration

Blog posts

Spotify Playlists

Live DJ Mixes


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Wedding Song Requests - How to Deal With Them

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