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Wedding DJ Ben Boylan

My name is Ben Boylan and I am a DJ who specializes in Brooklyn and NYC weddings. I can give you a packed dance floor and a personalized experience. And I can do that without playing cheesy songs or making announcements in a sportscaster’s voice.

Are you getting married and looking for a DJ for your wedding? Do you want your guests to have fun at your reception? Do you want to avoid corny wedding songs and embarrassing announcements?

brooklyn wedding dj

How to get started

Your wedding reception can be more fun than any you’ve ever been to. I have a really easy process to get you there.


  1. We meet up or jump on a video/voice call

  2. We will identify exactly what you want out of your wedding

  3. I will give you a plan to pack your dance floor and have a personalized experience. If you choose, I can be there to make sure it happens.

What you'll avoid

A lot of wedding DJs have a bad reputation. And they deserve it. Are you afraid of any of these things?


  • Corny wedding songs

  • Long drawn-out introductions that you would hear at a sports event

  • A time limit that leads to paying an overtime fee

  • Your DJ saying things like “hands up” or “make some noise” during dancing

  • Your DJ embarrassing you and not even getting your guests to dance

  • Your DJ does the same thing at every wedding

brooklyn wedding dj

What you'll get

If you choose me as the DJ for your wedding none of those things will happen. 


  • We will start with a wedding ceremony that goes off without a hitch. 

  • Later, your guests will fill up the dance floor. 

  • You will have so much fun dancing to your favorite songs. 

  • All songs played will be curated based on what you like. 

  • Party as long as you want. No time limit or overtime.

  • The day after your wedding, your friends and family will blow up your phone with text messages. 

  • You'll get a personalized experience

  • You’re going to love your wedding.

brooklyn wedding dj

Your Next Step is to

Schedule a Meeting or Call

with Ben

Click here to schedule a conversation so I can learn more about you and your upcoming wedding.


I will give you a simple plan of how to pack your dance floor and have a personalized experience. Schedule a conversation today.

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