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Roberta's Wedding in Brooklyn, NY for Deepti & Jason

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

I DJ all kinds of weddings, traditional ones where I am asked to do a formal introduction and the couple does a bouquet toss and nontraditional ones where there are less traditions. Most of the weddings I do are more on the nontraditional side and this one was was like that.

Deepti and Jason didn't want any of the old traditions. We had cocktail hour in a beautiful location, a world-class dinner, a few speeches from loved ones and an unforgettable dance party. What else do you need?

Roberta's Wedding

in Brooklyn, NY for Deepti & Jason

by DJ Ben Boylan

All photos by Holger Thoss


Roberta's is an amazing restaurant in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. It was one of the first stylish and popular restaurants in the area and is famous throughout NYC. I used to go there for the Tiki Disco party when it first started out. And I have been there many times to eat. The food is unbelievable.

Deepti and Jason's wedding was held under a tent in the backyard. There were two table-areas with a space in the middle for dancing. To the right of the tent there was a small patio with cocktail tables and that was where they had cocktail hour. If you are looking for a stylish and popular place to throw a small-ish wedding, you can't beat Roberta's.

Cocktail Hour

Jason and Deepti started off this Roberta's wedding at cocktail hour with drinks, snacks and a great playlist. They had chosen a mix of classic rock tracks and a couple Stevie Wonder classics - can't go wrong there. Guests swayed to the music and chatted in the great weather we had that day.

Dinner and Speeches

After cocktail hour guests sat down for a delicious meal that included Roberta's' famous pizza. In between courses there were two rounds of speeches. First the parents and then the couple. They all used my wireless mic and sounded great. For the music during dinner I just continued the classic rock vibes.

Dance Set

After dinner we really got this Roberta's wedding started. They had asked for a mix of current hip-hop and pop, throwback hip-hop and r&b and a little classic rock. We didn;t have a very long amount of time for the dance set so I played the biggest hits and got everyone dancing. It was really fun!

Thank you Deepti & Jason for letting me be a part of your

Roberta's Wedding!

All photos by Holger Thoss

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