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New York Historical Society Wedding, Manhattan, NY for Mallory and Alexander

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

All photos by Laura Huertas Photography

New York Historical Society Wedding

Manhattan, NY for Mallory and Alexander

By DJ Ben Boylan


The New York Historical Society is one of the nicest venues I have ever DJed at. It's located on the Upper West Side across the street from Central Park. It is the oldest museum in New York City. It has many different rooms available for rent. Mallory and Alexander chose some amazing ones.

Cocktail Hour

Mallory and Alexander had their ceremony offsite so this New York Historical Society wedding started with cocktail hour. They had cocktail hour in "The Gallery of Tiffany Lamps." Guests enjoyed drinks and hors d'oeuvres surrounded by over 100 Tiffany lamps and a glowing glass staircase.


Next they walked down one flight of stairs for dinner in Dexter Hall. Guests enjoyed dinner and speeches in front of the largest Picasso on display in North America.

Dance Set

After dinner guests moved across the hall to The Patricia D. Klingenstein Library for dancing. Mallory and Alexander chose a mix of classic and current hits. I improvised with songs that matched their taste. As you can see from the photos, their guests loved it.

Ben played two key roles. First, in the weeks leading up to our wedding, he was the ultimate calming force. His professionalism, chilled demeanor, and organization helped to settle an otherwise nervous/chaotic couple. During the wedding, however, he played the opposite role - keeping the crowd on the dance floor, pumped up and generally rambunctious through the night. The music absolutely MADE the night. The icing on the Ben cake was that he (without being asked) recorded all of the speeches during dinner. The groom's father had been in the bathroom during the groom's speech, which included a fairly emotional thank you to his parents. We were so bummed when we learned he didn't hear it...then out of the blue, Ben sent through the crystal clear recording. It brought all of us to tears. Ben. Was. Awesome. Best service, nicest dude, lit-est dancefloor. - Mallory

Thank You Mallory and Alexander for letting me be a part of your incredible New York Historical Society wedding!

I had the pleasure of working with these vendors:

Venue: Anne VanderWal of the New York Historical Society

Event Planner: Lara Mahler of The Privilege is Mine

Photographer: Laura Huertas of Laura Huertas Photography


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