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Metropolitan Club Wedding, NYC for Binye and Enrique

I first met Binye and Enrique in Manhattan’s Bryant Park months before their wedding. They were very chill and we had a nice chat about their wedding plans before parting ways. Fast forward to two weeks before the big day and we all jumped on a call. We went over their worksheet and had everything set for a great wedding.

Metropolitan Club Wedding

NYC for Binye and Enrique

by DJ Ben Boylan

metropolitan club wedding nyc


The Metropolitan Club is a classic New York City wedding venue. It’s located across from Central Park in one of the most iconic areas of Manhattan. It’s an exclusive club that was started by JP Morgan. To have a wedding there you either have to be a member or be sponsored by one.

I’m not sure where they had the ceremony because I wasn’t needed for it. I think someone said the third floor. But on the main floor, there is a large white marble room with a huge staircase. There is a smaller (but still pretty big) bar room behind it which went unused. And then there is an incredible room with high ceilings with paintings on them. That’s where the reception takes place. It looks like something from the Vatican or Sistine Chapel.

metropolitan club wedding nyc


We started this Metropolitan Club wedding with introductions. I introduced the wedding party and then the couple. Once the couple had entered and the applause died down, they did their first dance. There were toasts and speeches. At the end of dinner, Binye and her dad did the father-daughter dance to a traditional version of Blue Danube.

Binye and Enrique chose mostly pop songs with some salsa and Chinese pop thrown in. It was a really fun wedding.

Thank you Binye and Enrique for letting me be a part of your Metropolitan Club Wedding

metropolitan club wedding nyc

metropolitan club wedding nyc

metropolitan club wedding nyc

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