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India House Wedding in New York, NY for Kaitlin and Tyrone

Updated: May 17, 2019

Everyone had a great time at Kaitlin & Tyrone's India House wedding, located in the financial district of Manhattan. The St. Patrick's Day Parade was being held that day in the city and although the atmosphere was pretty festive on the streets outside, we gave them a run for their money inside at the couple's amazing reception!

India House Wedding

New York, NY for Kaitlin and Tyrone

by DJ Ben Boylan

The India house is a beautiful old building in the financial district of downtown Manhattan. Built in 1835, it is absolutely "old New York" and looks like it could've been used in a movie. Full of art and old model ships, it's an amazing New York wedding venue.

I had my first phone call with Kaitlin and Tyrone about five months before the wedding and even at that time I could tell their wedding was going to be fun. Fast forward to 2 weeks before their wedding when they sent me their completed music worksheet and we had another call and came up with a plan that worked great.

I wasn't needed at the ceremony, so I waited until I heard everyone cheering to turn the music on upstairs and start this India House wedding. Their guests walked into cocktail hour to the sounds of Motown and 70's soul per the couple's request. I created a custom playlist that had guests bobbing their heads and complimenting me on the music.

Before dinner, Kaitlin and Tyrone danced to "Nothing Can Change This Love" by Sam Cooke - a great song. That was followed by Kaitlin dancing with her dad to Josh Turner's "I'll Be There" and Tyrone's mom and him dancing to "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers - a real classic.

The couple had sent me a great Spotify playlist along with their worksheet. During dinner I chose the lesser known and less dancey songs and saved the big crowd pleasers for later. After dinner I revisited some of the 70's funk and soul we had played during cocktail hour as guests slowly made their way into an adjoining room for dancing.

Right as the dance floor was filling up there was a surprise. There was a bagpipe-playing duo that offered to come play for the new couple. Everyone got a big kick out of it. After they were done, the real dancing started. Drawing from their playlist I dropped sets of old school hip-hop and recent pop. It was really fun.

Thank you Kaitlin and Tyrone for letting be a part of your India House wedding! And thank you to the staff at the India House who helped make this wedding great!

All photos by Matt of Matt Agan Photography

From the windows to the walls

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