Dyker Beach Wedding, Brooklyn, NY for Weiley & Terrence

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Dyker Beach Wedding

Brooklyn, NY for Weiley & Terrence

by Ben Boylan

Dyker Beach is a traditional wedding hall set on a golf course in the Dyker Heights area of Brooklyn. There is a nice area outside with a gazebo for the ceremony and a medium sized ballroom inside that seats around 250. There are two adjoining rooms for cocktail hour. I suggest a Dyker Beach wedding to any of my clients looking for a more traditional experience without leaving NYC.

dyker beach wedding brooklyn


Weiley and Terrence had their ceremony right outside the ballroom surrounded by their families and friends. I was happy to provide mic and music for them. Their processional song was Kina Grannis' version of "Can’t Help Falling In Love With You."

They had a traditional ceremony and at one point an ice cream truck passed by about a block away and we could all hear its music playing. The priest officiating, Father Joe, said "that song is coming from heaven. Just kidding, it's from an ice cream truck." That really cracked me up. They left the ceremony to the sound of "One Love" by Bob Marley.

dyker beach wedding brooklyn


After cocktail hour, we did formal intros. They had a large wedding party and I introduced each pair to "Marry You" by Bruno Mars. When it was time to introduce Weiley and Terrence, I asked everyone to stand and brought them into the room to the sound of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now. When they made it to the middle of the dance floor and the applause died down, they did their first dance to Kenny G & Babyface's "Every Time I Close My Eyes."

During dinner, the best man did a speech using my wireless mic and we did the cake cutting right after. For that, they selected "Make It Last" by Tyrese feat. Jewel to be played. They also did a bouquet toss. Afterwards we started the dance portion of this Dyker Beach wedding and got everyone out of their seats.

Weiley & Terrence are old school music lovers! They love 90's reggae, old school hip-hop and other types of throwback jams. Rather than submitting a list of songs, they just picked a few of my Spotify playlists which I loved. It was really fun watching them dance and celebrate with their guests.

Thank You Weiley & Terrence for choosing me to be a part of your Dyker Beach wedding

All photos are by Kara McCurdy

dyker beach wedding brooklyn

dyker beach wedding brooklyn

dyker beach wedding brooklyn

dyker beach wedding brooklyn