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Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding, Pocantico Hills, NY for Jean & Jun

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I was introduced to Jean & Jun by Tara of Dreammakers, one of the best wedding coordinators I work with. They had a DJ friend who had offered his services to him but he didn't specialize in weddings so Tara suggested me to them. We jumped on a call together and connected right away. In the short time we had before their day we spoke many times over the phone and email to plan a truly amazing wedding.

blue hill at stone barns wedding

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding

Pocantico Hills, NY for Jean & Jun

By DJ Ben Boylan


Blue Hill at Stone Barns is an incredible place to get married. Besides hosting weddings, it is a world renowned restaurant located on beautiful grounds in Westchester county. If you like gourmet food and you want a country vibe, but within an hour's drive of NYC, there is nothing better than this. In fact, it may be the nicest venue I've ever DJed at.

blue hill at stone barns wedding


Jean and Jun had a lovely ceremony in a courtyard surrounded by stone buildings. They had a string trio so I didn't need to provide music, but I did provide mics and amplification. The ceremony was in Korean and English. Afterwards, the doors of one of the surrounding buildings were opened for cocktail hour.

blue hill at stone barns wedding

Cocktail Hour & Guest DJ

Jean & Jun's friend Monty is a great DJ and we all enjoyed the guest sets he performed at their wedding. He started off this Blue Hill wedding with an interesting mix of tunes at cocktail hour. He brought his own DJ controller and plugged into the PA I had set up for that part of the night.

There are different ways to have a friend Dj your wedding, and Jean and Jun did it the right way. They had a professional (me) to take care of all the logistics, they had a guest DJ spinning some cool tunes, and their friend Monty (the guest DJ) got to bring a date and enjoy the evening too. Check out a blog I wrote about having a friend DJ your wedding.

blue hill at stone barns wedding

Intros and First Dance

For the intros, Jean and Jun tapped their friend Eric to announce them in Korean and English. He did a great job. They chose Grover Washington's "Just the Two of Us" as their intro song and once they had made it to the middle of the dance floor they did their first dance to "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

After the first dance there were a few rounds of speeches and some amazing food. I saw caviar, lobster and steak with various sauces and accompaniments. Like I said, if you are a foodie, this is the place for you.

blue hill at stone barns wedding
DJ Monty

Dance Set

After a private cake cutting, we started the dance portion of this Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding. I played some pop hits for about 10 or 15 minutes and the DJ Monty took over. He played a nice mix of house remixes of 80's jams. I was impressed by his selection. After about 30 minutes, I took back over and went back to a mix of pop, hip-hop and EDM.

Jean and Jun's guests really knew how to party. They danced like crazy and had a great time. When it was time to end, the couple extended into overtime for 30 more minutes. I kept the vibes going and the party didn't stop till 12:35. It was supposed to stop at 12:30, but I played "one more song." They were still chanting "one more song" when I finished. It was an epic night.

Thank you Jean & Jun for letting me be a part of your amazing

Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding!

I was lucky enough to work with these amazing vendors:

Coordinator: Tara & Raquel of Dreammakers

Photographer: Dacia of Eager Hearts Photography

Venue: Emily of Blue Hill at Stone Barns

DJ Monty in action

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