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Arnold House Wedding, Livingston Manor, NY for Liz and Scott

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I knew Liz and Scott’s wedding was going to be great from our interactions on Instagram. Liz and I would comment on each other’s IG stories and she would make comments that let me know where she was coming from. We had two phone calls before the wedding. When we finally met on their wedding day, I felt like I already knew them. Read on to learn more about Liz and Scott’s amazing Arnold House wedding.

Arnold House Wedding

Livingston Manor, NY for Liz and Scott

By DJ Ben Boylan

arnold house wedding


The Arnold House is a gorgeous venue in the Catskills.  It has a barn for your reception and fields for your ceremony. I have DJed there several times. It’s located about 2 hours from NYC by car. In the last year they added a new room to the barn for cocktail hour. The staff is great (ask for Justine). 


Couples usually have their wedding ceremony in a field behind the Arnold House’s barn. That’s what Liz and Scott wanted to do too. Unfortunately it was raining the entire afternoon. So it was moved to the new greenhouse room which is on the side of the barn. It was still an amazing ceremony.

Liz walked in to “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. They had two of their friends officiate. They were like a comedy duo. Everyone was cracking up at their “routine.” Two of the couple's friends performed a song. One sang and the other played the ukulele. When the ceremony ended, a New Orleans jazz band appeared out of nowhere. Liz and Scott danced out of the room to the band’s music. It was a great ceremony.

arnold house wedding

Cocktail hour and dinner

Cocktail hour was also in the greenhouse. After ceremony guests turned around and enjoyed snacks and cocktails. The band played. After cocktail hour, guests were seated in the next room.

The dinner portion of this Arnold House wedding started with speeches. This first round of speeches was by Liz and Scott’s friends. They used my wireless mic and everyone sounded great. I chose a mix of new and old pop, r&b and rock tunes to play during dinner. Several guests came to me and told me they loved the music. As dinner came to an end we all moved back into the greenhouse for parents speeches followed by special dances.

Liz and Scott danced to Dua Lipa’s “Electricity.” I love that song. Great choice. For the father daughter dance, Liz’s dad had sent me a special edit of “Tupelo Honey” by Van Morrison. Scott and his mom followed that up by dancing to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.” Finally, both sets of parents and Liz and Scott all danced together to “The Way You Look Tonight” by Sinatra. A family dance like that is a cool idea. Usually half the parents get left out. I like that.


Liz and Scott ordered my 9 uplight package. I placed lights in both rooms. In the dining room I spaced 4 lights out through the room. I shone amber (gold) light up at the ceiling. It warmed the room and improved the photos. In the greenhouse I spaced 5 lights out through the room. I set them to flashing colored lights. After the parent dances everyone hit the dance floor. I turned on the lights. The room was flashing. Everyone was going crazy and it was awesome.

Dance set

Liz and Scott asked for a wide range of music new and old. We started out with 60’s rock and Motown. As the night went on we played throwback pop, current top 40, and EDM. For the last song, I chose Beyonce’s “Love on Top.” Everyone had a great time.

arnold house wedding

Thank you Liz & Scott for letting me be a part of

your Arnold House wedding!

I was lucky enough to work with these vendors:

Venue: Justine Hoskin of The Arnold House

Coordinator: Katie Welsh of The Family Tie Project

Photographer: Jessica Perez of Jessica Perez Photography

arnold house wedding

arnold house wedding

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