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Radegast Hall Wedding, Brooklyn, NY for Vandy & Jordan

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Radegast Hall Wedding

Brooklyn, NY for Vandy & Jordan

by DJ Ben Boylan

If you know me or follow me online, you've heard me say that all weddings are different and you don't have to stick to a traditional mold. Well, Vandy and Jordan pulled off a nontraditional wedding that was really fun.

They chose Radegast Hall in Brooklyn, NY. It is a straight up German beer hall where you can order a sausage and a stein of beer. The ceremony and reception was held in a cozy back room. They made great use of the space and did everything in the one room.

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Vandy walked into the ceremony with her dad to "Plus Tôt" by Alexandra Stréliski. I had never heard it before and I was blown away. What an amazing song! They sent their music worksheet to me a week or so before the wedding and I was listening to this song every morning when I woke up. I think it made me smarter.

The ceremony was officiated by a friend of the couple and I made sure to give him extra attention during his first time around. He did a great job and the ceremony went off without a hitch. Jordan and Vandy walked out to a classic song: "You Make My Dreams Come True" by Hall and Oates. Everyone clapped along.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed food and drinks to the sound of a custom playlist I curated for the couple based on a few suggestions. They wanted acoustic folk and classic rock and it set a nice mood for this fun Radegast Hall Wedding

During dinner I was given free reign over the music choices and I kept the vibe pretty chill with a mix of rock, Brazilian jazz and 80's and set it at a volume where the guests could hear it, but still have conversations. We did toasts during the main course.

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The highlight of the night was Vandy's dad's "toast." He performed a song for her while playing guitar. I knew beforehand so I had everything ready for him. We plugged his guitar into my system and put a mic on a stand and he was ready to go. It was awesome.

After his song we kicked off the dance set. Like at a lot of weddings, I started off with older music and moved up to the newer stuff gradually. Well, let's just say the people who like the older music (the moms) ruled the dance floor that night - and not just at the start. If it was a competition, I would have to give the prize to all the moms!

It was a chill party and everyone had a great time. Thank you Vandy and Jordan for letting me be a part of your Radegast Hall Wedding!

So many of our guests loved Ben and many of them plan to use him for future events. I highly recommend booking Ben for your wedding. - Vandy

If you're getting married and looking for a DJ, schedule a conversation

All photos by Zlatko Batistich

Setting up for Dad's performance

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