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Arnold House Wedding, Livingston Manor, NY for Brad & Russell

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Arnold House Wedding

Livingston Manor, NY for Brad & Russell

Brad & Russell's Arnold House Wedding was really amazing. Everything was done perfectly from start to finish. It was a family affair with help from their parents. And they chose a great place to get married.

The Arnold House is one of my favorite venues to DJ at. Located in upstate Livingston Manor, it's an idyllic location for a wedding. There's a rustic barn for your reception and almost endless fields for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour. And they have a lovely inn and restaurant as well.

This Arnold House Wedding started off with an outdoor ceremony in a meadow. They had me play vinyl records on their personal vintage turntable and speakers that they brought with them. And to top it all off, they had a custom record made with their picture on the cover. I've never seen that before!

Their custom record had 4 songs on it. The first, Penguin Cafe Orchestra's "Perpetuum Mobile" was the processional for their families and officiant to enter to. Then I moved the needle to Alex Clare's "Addicted to Love" and the couple walked through the meadow to the alter. When the ceremony concluded, I flipped the record over and played the 2 songs on the back while the couple and their guests made their way to cocktail hour. Those songs were Gotye's "Learnalilgivinanlovin" and Bruce Springsteen's "She’s the One." I loved playing the record at the ceremony. That was so cool.

Cocktail hour was right outside the barn. I had a speaker set up at the perfect volume so guests could hear Brad & Russell's tunes, but also comfortably carry on conversations. The couple had chose a mix of classic rock, indie pop/rock and top 40. Guests were tapping their feet and swaying to the music.

Dinner was held in an outdoor tent. I have DJed many weddings at The Arnold House and that's the first time I saw the tent. It was decorated nicely by one or their fathers who is a designer. The musical vibes for dinner were pretty similar to cocktail hour: indie jams and throwbacks. I had another speaker setup and a mic for music and speeches.

After dinner we headed into the barn for their dance set and it was amazing. They chose a mix of dance music, indie pop and soul throwbacks. I started off with some classic songs which really got their guests going. Then we took a pause to do the couple's first dance. They chose "Do You Wanna Dance" by Bette Midler. We followed that up with a joint mother-son dance to "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan.

Then we got the dancing started. They chose great songs and I complimented them with choices based on their favorite genres. By the end of the night everyone was going crazy and it was really fun.

Brad and Russell referred me to friends of theirs who got married in another part of the Catskills and while planning that couple's wedding, they asked me to play exactly what I did at Brad & Russell's wedding. I collaborate with all my couples about their music and it always turns out great.

Thank you Brad & Russell for letting me be a part of your Arnold House Wedding!

Email or text/call me at 917.586.6753 now to talk about your wedding!


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