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5 Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Dance Party

What do you want out of your wedding reception besides good food? Dancing, bonding or just having fun? Entertainment is one of the most important parts of your wedding and most people in the US hire a DJ. Read below for five tips on how to have as much fun as possible during your wedding dance party!

Photo by Sarah Harper

1. Tell your DJ what you want (before your wedding day ok?)

This is the most important part. Most DJs have a system in place for you to communicate your music preferences to them (I currently use an online worksheet). But regardless of how you do it, make sure your DJ knows what you want.

Tell them the genres and eras you like. For instance, "indie rock from when I was in college" or "90's hip-hop" are good examples. Give them lists of must play songs and do-not-play songs. If the type of music you like doesn't translate so well to the dance floor then it can be played at cocktail hour and dinner.

2. Hire a DJ you can trust

  • Before you hire your DJ, ask him or her for examples of songs to supplement your choices

  • Read his or her reviews (they are much more telling than references)

  • Choosing songs is a DJ's main talent, so let him or her show you at your wedding

Some people try to save money by hiring the lowest priced DJ and giving him or her a list with every song to play that night. I would not suggest doing this, but not just because it is the lowest priced DJ. I wouldn't suggest giving a DJ a list with every single song to play. As I said above, choosing the songs that will make 150 people dance is a DJ's talent, so let your DJ make your wedding great.

Photo by Jacquelyne Pierson

3. But if something's wrong, don't keep it to yourself

Recently I had a couple who asked for 90's hip-hop, and after the wedding they asked me why I didn't play it. They seemed upset, and I felt terrible. It turns out they were mixed up and actually wanted top-40 like Rihanna, Taio Cruz and Black Eyed Peas. (Hey, I don't judge!)

The point is, don't wait until after the wedding is done to tell your DJ something is wrong. No DJ wants their couple to be unhappy. And I can tell you that's absolutely the last thing I want. So if there is a mix up, or you're not happy for some reason, get the message to your DJ and he or she can adjust the music on the spot.

4. If you dance, they will dance

Don't be the couple standing outside the barn playing corn hole looking inside and saying "I wonder why no one is dancing."

You are the star of the show that day and your guests want to be with you. If you are by the dance floor, that's where they will be. If you are at the bar all night, that's where they will be, etc... Not every wedding has to be a rager full of dancing, but if you want a lot of dancing, I suggest staying near the dance floor.


5. Enjoy yourself and don't stop dancing!

Have fun. This is your day and it really goes fast.

In Conclusion...

So, as a Brooklyn wedding DJ, and one who has DJed across the country, that's my take on it. I'd be happy to talk to anyone and help,that goes for DJs or engaged couples. Click here to check our my website or shoot me an email.

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