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Dance all night to the music you like


Maria • October 26, 2019, Brooklyn

You Don't Want a DJ Who'll Embarrass You

You deserve better

  • Why have someone yelling “where the ladies at” during dancing?

  • Why would you want to listen to the same old cliché wedding songs?

  • Why put up with a DJ who won’t let you choose the music at your own wedding?


*With NYC wedding DJ Ben Boylan your wedding guests will rave about your dance party for years

It’s Your Wedding and I’m Your Guide 


I’ve helped hundreds of happy couples


I know you are the kind of couple who wants a nontraditional wedding party. In order for it to be that way, you need a DJ who does two things: plays only music that you want and makes minimal announcements. The problem is, a lot of wedding DJs still play cliché wedding songs you don’t want and use a sportscaster’s voice on the mic. That could embarrass you.

I believe it’s just wrong when couples pay a DJ so much and then get the same rehashed performance everyone else gets. I understand you want a unique party. That’s why I listen closely to you and make sure your reception reflects you.

Here’s how it works: Step one, we come up with a plan for your wedding party. Step two, you fill out a short music questionnaire. And step three, we carry out our plan at your wedding and you have the best party of your life.

So, schedule a call, so you can stop the other DJs from embarrassing you and start planning a party you and your guests will never forget.

What Makes DJ Ben Boylan So Different? 

from other DJs

  • No cheesy wedding songs

  • You can choose as many songs as you want

  • Announcements made in a natural voice
    (not a sportscaster’s voice)


  • No time limit
    (I'm there the entire event)


  • Free audio recording
    (ceremony, speeches and dance music)


  • Great photo booth at a low price

Working with DJ Ben Boylan is Easy


Have a

30 minute



Sign an

online contract

& pay a

$200 deposit


Fill out an

online music



Dance all night

with the

love of your life 

brooklyn wedding dj

"DJ Ben was great from start to finish. He really listened to us when we told him what type of music we liked and was genuinely curious about getting to know us, which was definitely appreciated."


Victoria • November 9, 2019, Brooklyn

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Why a DJ is better

brooklyn wedding dj
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