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About DJ Ben Boylan

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

My name is Ben Boylan. I'm an events DJ located in New York City focusing on weddings, and am a favorite for engaged couples in The New York Metropolitan Area and throughout the Northeast. I specialize in weddings for couples who want music curated to their unique taste and minimal announcements.

I have been DJing professionally for over fifteen years. I started out in a club setting but gradually started doing weddings a little over ten years ago. So I've gone full circle in this DJ game and done every type of gig you can think of.

I originally come from Woodstock, NY which is about 100 miles north of NYC, but now reside in Queens. In 2013 I got married to my beautiful wife and had my first son in 2015 and my second in 2020. I'm a music nerd through and through but also obsessed with food. I chose where I live based on what restaurants were nearby!

Questions my clients ask about me personally:

  1. What kind of music do I listen to? Many different kinds. I first started listening to hair metal like Poison, Bon Jovi and Guns and Roses in the late 80's when I was in grade school, but that didn't last long. Shortly after, I got into hip-hop and that's what I listened to until college. In college I started to listen to house (now called EDM), reggae, punk rock, soul and many other types of music. Currently I listen to a lot of 80's funk. (Disclaimer: What I listen to at home has no bearing on what I would play at your wedding or event!)

  2. Do I like DJing weddings? Yes! The best part is seeing happy faces and getting positive feedback. The reviews I have gotten are mind blowing! I've never seen such great compliments in my life. And while DJing clubs is easier in a lot of ways, people often dance more at weddings. When I first started DJing, club culture was a lot less about looking at a phone or filming your friend and a lot more about dancing. At weddings people always want to dance.

  3. How did I get into DJing weddings? It was very organic. I got to the age where some of my DJ friends were getting married and they asked me to be their DJ. At first I was just doing a club set at a wedding, but the more I did it, I learned the more coordinator-aspects of it. Because as a wedding DJ, if your couple doesn't have a coordinator, you are the coordinator!

  4. Am I bilingual? Kind of! I took Japanese for 4 years and can speak casually* I also am learning Portuguese because I married a Brazilian and am working on my Carioca accent!

  5. Read more about my style as a DJ here

So that's me. If I left something out, or you would like to talk about your upcoming wedding or event, text or call me at 917.586.6753 or email me

*I have unfortunately forgotten most of my Japanese

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