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Ben will plan your music with you

“Ben was absolutely fantastic, start to finish. He was incredibly accommodating to all of our requests, and understood the kind of vibe we were going for, even when we didn’t have a specific playlist.”

Chelsea-Rae A., Brooklyn, NY

“I submitted a list of some general tunes we had wanted to include and he made it even better… As someone who was deeply involved in all the details, the whole process was easy and even us submitting a last minute request for songs a day before the wedding was no big deal for him.”

Hanna C., New York, NY

“Ben worked with us well before the wedding to set the direction and the tone of each stage of the wedding, from pre-ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing. And boy did he deliver! Benny’s sets were flawless, well curated, and perfect from start to finish.”

Allison H., Baltimore, MD

“Ben was truly fantastic. He was very responsive and easy to get in touch with. He asked the right questions and understood exactly what feeling we were aiming to create that night, what music we loved and what we didn't love, and then he delivered it all perfectly and kept the dance floor full and happy all night. Absolutely wonderful, all around.”

Emily K., Princeton, NJ

“You can give him a specific playlist to work off, give a few song ideas and he can fill in the holes, just say what genre you want and let him pick the songs, or just completely let him have at it. Honestly one of the easiest and best choices we made while wedding planning was hiring Ben.”

Dan C., Palm Springs, CA


Dancing Hora

He will “Read Your Crowd”

“DJ Ben was a huge hit! He's very responsive and knows what you and your guests like in music. He can really feel the room and he's definitely your guy for getting people off their seats and onto the dance floor.”

Jamie L., East Hanover, NJ

“He is incredibly knowledgeable about all genres of music. I didn't even have to give him much direction .. just told him a few genres we liked and a few songs and he made it happen.”

Nate S., Jericho, NY

“He was able to read the crowd and keep the dance floor packed the entire night! After our wedding, we went to three other weddings where Ben was the DJ and at each wedding, the dance floor was jamming all night long.”

Lindsey W., Jericho, NY

“Ben is a great DJ. He recently DJ'd our wedding and did a fantastic job. He really knows how to read the crowd.”

Mike A., Bronx, NY

Your Guests will Love It

“Two months post-wedding I’m still hearing from guests of every age how fun and upbeat the wedding was… and WHO WAS THAT AWESOME DJ?!?”

Allison H., Baltimore, MD

“All of our guests were on the dance floor the whole night, and all raved about what a great party our wedding was.”

Chelsea-Rae A., Brooklyn, NY

Mother Son Dance

He Will Work Seamlessly with Your Venue & Planner

“The dance floor was packed all night, but more than that, he handled all of the little things incredibly well: Amplification for the ceremony, adjusting the schedule on the fly with the caterers and working with the coordinator to make sure things moved seamlessly all night.”

Joel W., Moretown, VT

“He is a complete professional when it comes to handling the venue and coordination.”

Hanna C., New York, NY

“From the early planning phases and working with the sound rental guys, to talking about music selection and the vibe we wanted at different parts of the night, Ben was outstanding.”

Dan C., Palm Springs, CA

Different Vibe than some DJs

“There are many wedding DJs out there that seem & sound cheesy, but Benny was awesome even when it came down to announcing the entire wedding party. He's just simply cool.”

Hanna C., New York, NY

“We loved that Ben was minimal in his MC announcements so the focus was really on the music.”

Liz K., Milton, NY

Fun Dancing

Has Music, Will Travel

“When my husband and I started planning we knew we wanted him- so much in fact- we flew him to California to do our wedding.”

Robbie C., Palm Springs, CA

“Ben is organized, professional, easy to work with, and even traveled to the Hudson Valley for the event.”

Liz K., Milton, NY

Email or text/call me at 917.586.6753 now to talk about your wedding!


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