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When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?

Let's say it's December and you just got engaged. You and you your fiance want to get married on a Saturday in the fall and have a few candidates to DJ your wedding. When should you hire one? Is 12:30 am too late too call? When should you book your wedding DJ?

You should book your wedding DJ 6 to 9 months in advance

When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?

When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?

By DJ Ben Boylan

First, It depends on your wedding date

Most sites describe the busy season for weddings as April through October. For me, it's May through November with July and August being significantly slower than the other 5 months. But everyone agrees that September and October are by far the busiest months.

According to WeddingWire's 2019 Newlywed Report these are the 5 most popular wedding dates:

  1. October 19

  2. September 14

  3. May 4

  4. October 12

  5. October 5

Ok, but besides the month, what's the most important factor when judging how busy a wedding date is? The day of the week! All the dates above are on a Saturday. Saturdays rule for weddings, followed by Fridays and Sundays. Days right before a holiday (like July 3 for example) are usually competitive as well.

The bottom line:

  • You should book your wedding DJ 6 to 9 months ahead.

  • If you are getting married on a Saturday in the fall, book your DJ as soon as you can. A year in advance is not too early.

  • If you are getting married on a Saturday in May or June, try to book closer to the 9 month mark.

  • Sundays and Fridays are less competitive than Saturdays.

  • Regardless of month, if you are getting married on an off day like Thursday or Monday, you can take your time booking a DJ.

  • Many wedding vendors adjust their price based on these guidelines.

When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?

If you have a certain DJ in mind, book earlier

This one is a no brainer. There are probably many wedding DJs in your area, some more popular than others. If there is one you have your eye on, book an appointment immediately and if it feels right, then hire that DJ. I get many inquiries over a year in advance, so if you have your mind almost made up, don't wait.

Currently looking for a wedding DJ? Check out my guide for how to choose the right DJ.

When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?

Should I book my wedding DJ last?

As a wedding DJ, I wish I didn't always get booked last, but I usually do! Here is the normal order that couples book their wedding vendors:

  1. Wedding planner

  2. Venue & caterer

  3. Photographer & videographer

  4. Florist

  5. Officiant

  6. DJ

The main reason I wish couples would choose their DJ first is that then they would have a better chance of getting the DJ they want. And I love to refer the talented vendors I know, but usually don't get a chance to because my couple has booked them already.

So, my official answer is you can book your vendors in any order you like.

When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?

What if my DJ cancels last minute?

I've seen this happen before. While I've never canceled on a couple, I've received quite a few calls from DJs 1 or 2 weeks before a wedding asking if I'm available because they had to cancel. Twice, I was available and took the wedding and both turned out great.

Here is my advice of what to do:

  • If it's appropriate, ask the DJ to suggest a replacement, if not, ask your other vendors.

  • Ask your original DJ to send all the info you've provided thus far to the new DJ.

  • If the new DJ charges more than the original one, ask for a discount considering the situation.

  • Don't freak out. You'll find a DJ!

  • Call or email me and I'll walk you through it. Even if you are getting married 2,000 miles away, I'm happy to help.

When Should I Book My Wedding DJ?


Book your DJ 6 to 9 months in advance. If you are getting married on a particularly competitive date, you may have to book in advance to get the first pick of vendors. If something goes wrong, don't worry, you'll be able to find someone. Any questions, let me know.

Are you getting married in the northeast? Contact me now to schedule a conversation about having me DJ your wedding. Email me or call me at 917.586.6753.

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