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Thursday Wedding Discount

By DJ Ben Boylan

thursday wedding
Brandon Werth

All Thursday weddings are $1,500!

I love DJing on Thursdays. The only problem is, there aren't enough Thursday weddings. Because of this I have decided to give my Thursday couples a great discount. All Thursday weddings are only $1,500. That includes music, dancing, and ceremony audio. Learn more about weekday weddings here.

That's a $500 discount

My Saturday price is $2,000. Everyone wants to get married on a Saturday. That's why it's more. But for my couples who get married on a Thursday, I've cut that price by $500. Do a little research and you will see that's a great price.

No time limit

As always, I have no time limit. Going to run over a bit? No worries. Having an onsite after party? Fine! Setup, breakdown, it's all included. Same price, regardless of length of time.

thursday wedding
5 West Studios

Free audio recording

I do a free audio recording at all of my weddings. I record your ceremony, your speeches, and yes, your music. My couples write reviews for me after their wedding. Many mentioned the recording. They emailed their speeches and ceremony to family and friend who couldn't attend. My couples love it.

Non-traditional wedding DJ

I'm a non-traditional wedding DJ. What is that though? By "non-traditional," I mean...

  1. The music is based on your choices and style. Never on wedding trends. I play different music at every wedding I DJ.

  2. Minimal announcements. I use a natural voice. I try to make as few announcements as possible.

  3. I specialize in boutique and rustic wedding venues. Converted factories, upstate barns and cool restaurants. Not just large wedding venues.

Are you getting married on a Thursday?

Schedule a call today. Together we will come up with a quick and easy plan of how to have a wedding reception that truly represents you. I'm happy to answer all the questions you have. And to give you my Thursday discount.

* This discount applies to Tuesday and Wednesdays too. And Mondays that don't fall on holidays.

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