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COVID Policy

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DJ Ben Boylan

I take COVID-19 seriously. I had dozens of 2020 couples change their wedding date. My heart goes out to all of them. In this short article, I’m going to talk about rescheduling your wedding. And precautions I take at all events.


Like I said above, many of my couples have had to reschedule. This is the policy I have followed with them. And this is what I’d do if you had to reschedule your wedding.

  • I'll reschedule with you

  • If you have to reschedule your wedding, I will DJ on your new date. 

  • Your deposit will carry over

  • There is no extra charge for this

  • There is no time limit. You can reschedule to 10 years in the future

  • But I have to be available on the date

brooklyn wedding dj

If I'm not available, I'll find you another DJ

  • If I already have a wedding booked on your new date, then I won’t be available

  • I’ll suggest a few DJs who are available and have a similar style to mine

  • I’ll try to find DJ’s who will do the job for the price of your remaining balance

  • The other DJs may have a different price. They may offer different services. But I will do my best

The deposit is nonrefundable

  • I’ve lowered my deposit to $200. That is low compared to other DJs

  • This money is used to support my business. This money is used to support my family

  •  I would love to reschedule for you if you ask

  • I promise to do my best to find you a new DJ if I am unavailable

brooklyn wedding dj


At your wedding or event I will follow all COVID-19 protocols. I will keep my equipment  and area sanitary and clean. I welcome any questions or suggestions about this.

Sanitary microphones

  • All microphones will be on a mic stand. They won’t need to be held or touched

  • All microphones will have disposable mic covers on them. The cover will be changed before each person speaks into the mic

  • All mics and mic stands will be wiped down in between uses

Sanitary photo booth

  • There will be screen-wipes and hand sanitizer on a table next to the photo booth

  • Each person can wipe the screen before they touch it and sanitize their hands afterwards

  • The photo booth will be sanitized before the event

  • I have sign props. I won’t bring them unless you ask

brooklyn wedding dj

Personal precautions

  • I will wash my hands regularly

  • I will wear a mask

  • During my performance I can remove the mask. If another person comes within 6 feet of me I will put it back on


If you are thinking of hiring me, I hope you can tell I am being straight with you. Fully transparent. If you have already hired me and are thinking of rescheduling, email me or schedule a call. I’ll do my best to help you in either situation. Good luck and stay well! Ben Boylan

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