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Wedding After Party Music

How to Choose Music for Your After Party

Brooklyn Wedding DJ, DJ Ben Boylan groom jump

1. How do I tell my guests about it?

Have your DJ announce it at the end of the wedding. I usually repeat it a couple times to make sure everyone gets the picture. Some of my couples include the details on their wedding invite also. And some of my couples skip the announcement to be more selective about who goes.

2. Make two playlists

Every wedding is different. Sometimes they end with the crowd ready to party for another two hours and sometimes the guests are partied out. Prepare one playlist with uptempo tracks so your guests can rage and another midtempo one in case they have less energy than you thought.

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3. How many songs do you need?

About 20 songs an hour. Spotify will tell you how long the runtime of your playlist is.

4. Should I include music from the wedding?

Absolutely! Any upbeat songs you used for your traditions, like your intro song for example. Also include any songs you predict will really get your guests going. I have DJed many after parties and someone asked me to replay a song from the wedding every time.

Brooklyn Wedding DJ, DJ Ben Boylan Request

5. How do I plug in?

Ask the venue. Let's say you're having it at a bar. Every bar has a way for the bartender to plug her phone into the sound system. Just ask ahead to make sure they have the right connection for your device. And ask a (responsible) friend to be in charge of it.

*6. Bonus! Ask your DJ to do it

As I already said, I have DJed many wedding after parties. I love to do it and it makes everything easier for my couple. Want to learn more? Email me or text/call at 917.586.6753 today.

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