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How I Am Different

Are you looking for a DJ for your wedding and having a hard time deciding? Does it feel like all DJs offer the following?

  • Great music that will make your guests dance

  • Announcements and introductions throughout the night

  • A mic for your officiant and for any toasts/speeches

  • A great sound system

  • Lights

Yes, almost all DJs offer these things and I do too. But that's not all I offer...

How I am different

  • Transparent pricing - everyone gets the same price (find pricing here)*

  • Minimal announcements - no sports announcer voice or jokes

  • Record all receptions - and send you a recording of your speeches and dance-set just a couple days after your wedding

  • Customized music site - for you to link to your wedding website

  • Consultations your way - no pressure to meet in person or talk on the phone. We can text, gchat or communicate anyway you like

  • Nontraditional music - I don't play "wedding music." I work closely with you to curate your ideal playlist

  • Happy to be a wedding DJ - I'm not a DJ who does "clubs, corporate events and weddings..." I specialize in weddings and LOVE it

Want to learn more? Contact me now!

DJ Ben Boylan



*Weddings more than an hour's drive from NYC will occur a travel fee

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