What does it do?

  • Takes still photos, gifs and boomerangs

  • Texts and emails* your photo, gif or boomerang to you to save or post on social media

  • Guests can choose to use a personalized border with your names, date, hashtag, or whatever you like

  • All photos, gifs and boomerangs taken will be sent to you after your wedding

Why get one?

  • It will make your wedding more fun

  • Your guests will love it and have a blast

  • You and your guests get a great keepsake to remember your wedding by

  • It’s fun to share the photos and gifs on social media








*A Note About Phone Service


Photos are emailed and texted on the Verizon network via a wireless "hotspot." There needs to be 4G service or greater for this to work. If your wedding is in a rural area, texts and emails may not send during your wedding. They will be delivered to you and your guests the following day. If you are getting married in a city or in the NY metro area, this will not be an issue.