Photo Booth

What does it do?

  • Takes still photos, gifs and boomerangs

  • Texts and emails* your photo, gif or boomerang to you to save or post on social media

  • Guests can choose to use a personalized border with your names, date, hashtag, or whatever you like

  • All photos, gifs and boomerangs taken will be sent to you after your event

Why get one?

  • Great activity for your guests when they aren't dancing

  • They will love it 

  • You'll love the online gallery sent to you days after the event

  • It's fun to share the photos and gifs on social media

"Ben is an absolute professional and wonderful DJ! He knew the exact vibe we were looking for and kept the dancefloor packed all night. Also, his photobooth was a huge hit - we have hundreds of great candid photos from the big night. Everything was well taken care of, and he's a wonderful communicator. We had the best night ever!"

- Melanie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐





*A Note About Phone Service


Photos are emailed and texted on the Verizon network via a wireless "hotspot." There needs to be 4G service or greater for this to work. If your wedding is in a rural area, texts and emails may not send during your wedding. They will be delivered to you and your guests the following day. If you are getting married in a city or in the NY metro area, this will not be an issue.


What do they do?

  • 10 "uplights" shine light up the wall

  • They provide warm colored light in your reception room

  • They also can flash colored lights during dancing

  • Arrange them symmetrically  around the room or place them at key places to accentuate details

Why get them?

  • They will improve your photos

  • They will set the  mood and make your event seem special to your guests

  • Turn your dance floor into a club

  • Unlike lights on stands, no dots or marks will appear on guest's faces in photos

  • Great value! They do the job of two kinds of lights.


brooklyn wedding dj
brooklyn wedding dj

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