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Should you get a "cool" DJ

for your wedding?


Ben Boylan


April 1, 2020

A "Cool" DJ

It's a common misconception that the best DJs are the "cool" ones. What do I mean by a "cool DJ"? A "cool" DJ...

⦁    Has pictures of pyrotechnics on their website
⦁    Wears a flower that matches the color of their designer sneakers
⦁    Makes announcements in a sportscaster's voice
⦁    Ultimately decides what music to play at your wedding


That might sound good to you. Or maybe it doesn't. If your dream wedding includes 300 guests pumping their fists while you shoot them with a Co2 cannon, then maybe it does. What kind of memories do you want to have of your wedding reception?

Choosing the right DJ is really important. You could have memories of dancing with your partner surrounded by your closest family and friends clapping their hands to a song that you chose. Or you could hire a "cool" wedding DJ and have some embarrassing memories.

A Nerdy DJ

Now that doesn't sound that cool at all, does it? So what's your alternative? A nerdy DJ. What do I mean by a nerdy DJ? A nerdy DJ...

⦁    For the most part, just plays music. That's it.
⦁    Tries not to stand out.
⦁    Makes few announcements, but all in a natural voice.
⦁    Does not play the same songs at every wedding. Just wants to guide you toward what you want.


Surrounding New York City are a lot of large wedding venues where the "cool" DJs work. But at the smaller, boutique venues in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens are where you will find the nerdy DJs. The people who plan and influence these small and trendy weddings are ahead of the rest of the country. They like and refer the nerdy DJs. And it's not too long until everyone catches on.

Because the direction the entire wedding industry is moving in is towards really great design, great food, and a really great party. That's it. Ask any top NYC wedding planner and they will agree. The old traditions are on their way out. And that includes a goofy guy yelling on the mic while people do a line dance. Not cool.

Get a Nerdy DJ for Your Wedding

So as a nerdy DJ who specializes in weddings, I would love to talk to you about yours. We can have a video chat, a phonecall, text, email, or whatever works for you. During our conversation...

⦁    You will learn about all the current trends at small exclusive NYC wedding venues.
⦁    You will get a personalized plan to get all your guests on the dance floor. 
⦁    You'll get answers to all the questions you have about your reception.
⦁    At the end of the call, if you want to work with me, I'll tell you the next steps. If not, that's fine. No hard feelings.

Fill out the form below to schedule a conversation with a real nerd. And start planning a dance party to remember.

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