How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost in Brooklyn?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

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How Much Does a Wedding DJ Cost in Brooklyn?

by DJ Ben Boylan

So, you are planning your Brooklyn wedding and want to hire a DJ. What's the first thing everyone wants to know? Price! How much is it? What's included? What do DJs do? Are there any extra charges? Read on to find out how much a wedding DJ costs in Brooklyn.

The average cost of a Brooklyn wedding DJ is $1,650. But depending on your budget you can certainly find one for less or pay more if you add on extra services.

What services are provided by a wedding DJ?

Wedding DJs provide music, announcements and other services at your wedding ceremony and/or reception. Here are the most common services (offered a la carte or as part of a package):

  • A sound system, music and mics at your ceremony (sometimes extra, 30 minutes to an hour*)

  • Music at your cocktail hour (1 hour)

  • Music at your reception (dinner and dancing, 4 hours)

  • Announcements and introductions

  • Decorative lighting (often extra)

  • Party lighting (often extra)

*times are approximate


What services are usually extra?

  • Travel (usually beyond the first hour of driving)

  • Large guest counts (over 300 guests? Expect to pay extra.)

  • DJing for more than 6 hours (Want your DJ to play the after party? It's gonna cost you.)

  • Specialty lights (Monogram, spotlights, etc...)

  • Smoke machines, CO2 guns or "dancing on the clouds" (do they do these things in Brooklyn?)

  • Photo booth

What is included in the cost of a Brooklyn wedding DJ?

  • A minimum of two consultations (usually one before signing the contract and one a week or two before your big day)

  • A form or software for you to send your music choices to your DJ

  • Arrival to set up 2 hours or more before guests come

  • A full sound system and music library (with a back-up in case of malfunction)

  • Mics (including a wireless one)

  • A contract (this protects you as well)

  • Liability insurance

Are there alternatives to hiring a wedding DJ?

Sure there are, you can hire a band for $5,000 or more. Oh, you want to know about cheaper alternatives... You can absolutely DJ your own wedding. And many Brooklyn wedding venues have a full sound system. (See my list of the top 5 Brooklyn wedding venues here).

Here are some things to watch out for when DJing your own wedding:

  • Things will go wrong (at least more than if you hired someone who does this every week)

  • DJs usually play songs for only 2 or 3 minutes and blend them together to avoid breaks in the music. Put someone in charge of the music.

  • It might not be loud enough. DJ's speakers have a lot of power that the speakers at some places (like restaurants) don't have.

  • Use a wired mic. Wireless mics can be tricky. Trust me on this one!

  • If you want a big dance party, choose songs everyone knows.

  • Have your playlist backed up on two devices.

  • Check my guide to packing your dance floor.

Do you have to tip your wedding DJ?

Bridal Guide recommends 10% to 15% of the total price as a tip but obviously it's not mandatory.