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Hayfield Wedding in the Catskills, for Nicole and Vince

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Nicole and Vince's Instagram hashtag was hilarious. #thegypsyandthemullet. I followed them on Instagram before the wedding and with only a little snooping found a funny picture of Vince with a mullet. That would make Nicole the gypsy. That was the first time I cracked up, and I was laughing all night long at their wedding. Read on to hear about their super fun Hayfield wedding in the Catskills.

Hayfield Wedding

in the Catskills, for Nicole and Vince

by DJ Ben Boylan

All photos by Sarah Ginder Photography except those labeled otherwise


Hayfield is a beautiful wedding venue with rolling hills, green fields, and a spacious barn. There is a room for dinner connected to one for dancing. Above the dance floor there is a mezzanine for more dinner tables. When I was there, they had a white tent attached to the back to provide an extra dining room. Cocktail hour is right outside. There is a path to a parking lot which is lit at night.

Hayfield has been featured in many magazines and websites. It is has been open for two or three wedding seasons. It's one of the nicest venues in the Catskills/Hudson Valley area.

Cocktail Hour and Dinner

Vince and Nicole had their ceremony offsite so this Hayfield wedding started for me at cocktail hour. Guests munched on snacks and sipped custom cocktails right outside the barn. The couple had sent me a Spotify playlist with a mix of indie rock and I played it softly. Guests tapped their feet and grooved to the music.

After guests were seated for dinner, I introduced the couple. They walked in to "The Circle of Life" from the Lion King. This really got a rise out of their guests. My DJ table was set up right under the mezzanine level. When the Lion King theme started playing and Nicole and Vince walked in, I heard a boom of applause above my head. I looked up and guests were hanging over the edge going crazy. Let me tell you, it was a fun introduction.

After a long while, the cheering died down and Nicole and Vince began their first dance. They chose "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran. Afterward, we had a short dance set. I played a mix of oldies which immediately packed the dance floor. Guests danced for a while then sat for dinner and speeches. I set up a mic stand and mic across from where the couple was seated. Everyone sounded great.

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Dance Set

Nicole and Vince had around 180 guests which were just enough to spill over the edges of the dance floor. They asked for a wide range of music. We started off with oldies then moved to 70's and 80's. As the night went on we moved to a little hip-hop. We ended the night with an EDM set. That's what really made everyone go nuts.

We had to send everyone to buses for the ride to the afterparty or back to their hotel. Vince and Nicole asked for Shout as their last song before the buses. It was really wild. After it ended, no one wanted to leave. It was that good of a party.

Ben was excellent! Strongly recommend working with Ben; he listens when you speak and takes everything you have on your mind into consideration.
An experienced veteran, he was extremely helpful in setting our expectations and then exceeding them. Most importantly, he played all of the music we requested that he play (everything from 50s classics, to country, to house music) and our party didn't miss a beat as a result. - Vince

Thank You Nicole and Vince for letting me be a part of your amazing

Hayfield wedding!

I had the pleasure of working with the following vendors:

Venue: Christiana and Scott of Hayfield

Event Planner: Kate Arel of A Charmed Affair

Photographer: Sarah Awad of Sarah Ginder Photography

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

Photo by DJ Ben Boylan

All photos below by Sarah Ginder Photography

hayfield wedding catskills

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